Adeola and Christine 270713Aslan and Sophia 180513Carlon and Melinda 261213Clint and Charlene 170813Damion and Sharla 020213Fitz and Avenida 200413Hayden and Sorice 010813Jason and Jenny 230213Jevaughn and Makeda 171013Joel and Mahala 300413Julien and Anika 191013Keston and Stephanie 261213Kevin and Lynne 270713Kwesi and Janelle 200713Lawrence and Janelle 061013Leighton and Zania 210713Mark and Michaela 270713Mathias and Candice 040513Mauriel and Sade 280913Michael and Pamela 290613Ordell and Miranda 030813Reynaldo and Michelle 310313Shawn and Alana 030813Theodore and Shivani 291213Tian and Candice 300613Wendell and Genis 060713Yohance and Rehyan Wed 020313