Adesh and Patrice 290314Andre and Lauren 141214Anthony and Precious 080614Blair and Peggy 230214Brendan and Malika 080214Brian and Philomena 251014Bryan and Roxane 220414Carlin and Natalia 301114Chrysterbal and Precious 160814Dean and Giselle 040114Desmond and Melissa 050714Devon and Janelle 180114Dwight and Shevanie 290714Fabien and Sue Ann 281214Garth and Afeisha 220214Iqbaal and Avita 100514Jason and Kerleen 270914John and Christine 081114Karon and Carlene260714Kelly and Sauda 120114Kwesi and Nina 220214Mario and Reena 140614Maurice and Karen 090814Nicholas and Talisa 050114Nikaya and Akeida 261214Paul and Jenelle 230814Rory and Cherisse 020814Seon and Ashell 221114Tenny and Gizelle 300514Tyrel and Leneika 081014