WEDDING Photostorytelling is a Big Deal…

Wedding photographs are by far the most esteemed treasures of your wedding day. Your spouse is chosen to last for life, and so too are your wedding images, which serve to daily, remind you of that monumental step and gradual transition. Wedding photo-stories are your point of reference in quiet times, your pride in times of sharing with loved ones and co-workers and your joy as you leaf through those intimate and beautiful moments, forever sealed in your mind and heart and perfectly documented in your photo-storybook or on DVD. Once well captured you are guaranteed to never stop looking at them. Perfectly exposed, creative and technically precise photographs, which are uniquely tailored to clone your persona, are the pride of all brides. Grooms love them too…but the brides…oh the brides

The character and voice of your wedding photostories are solely dependent on your choice of photostoryteller. This is not a decision that should be trivialized in anyway. Your chosen photostoryteller should be fun-loving, full of life, willing to go the extra mile to facilitate the extreme demands of wedding preparations, patient, practical and most of all be able to ensure that you enjoy your day to the fullest. In your search for a photostoryteller, you should never overlook compatibility between your spouse, you and the photostoryteller and by extension the photostoryteller's compatibility with others. Referrals and testimonials can prove to be very helpful.

The most common mistake of couples seeking a photostoryteller is to use cost alone as the principal factor in hiring. Price is important, but should never over-shadow quality. Simply put the most economical photostoryteller may not necessarily provide the most desirable results. Professionalism, reliability, quality and peace of mind have a price attached and its importance should be well noted. No bride wants to be reminded each time they view their wedding photographs, how poor a decision it was to choose a photo-storyteller because the price sounded unbelievably reasonable. A good estimate is to allocate between 20-25% of one's wedding budget to photo-storytelling. The drinks, guests, music and food are important by all means but sadly it won't be remembered well if the person chosen to freeze the wedding day beauty ends up melting hearts, dreams and memories. Weddings are never intended to be repeated. Get it right...



Arvin J O Isaac

Senior Brand Manager